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Traditional, chemical-heavy disinfectants kill tough germs on contact. Unfortunately, once the disinfectant chemical evaporates, the newly cleaned surface becomes immediately susceptible to recontamination. It’s a known fact

that many dangerous bacteria and viruses can survive for extended periods of time on surfaces, solidifying surface germ exposure and transmission as a very real threat.


D-FENZ Surface Protectant is a novel antimicrobial surface protectant that can be used alone or as a companion product to traditional surface disinfectants. It is comprised of naturally derived and specially refined inert particles that when applied to any type of surface, form a physical barrier capable of providing lasting surface sanitation. The anti-microbial barrier enacts a mechanical defense by physically preventing pathogenic microbial adhesion, colonization, and proliferation on treated surfaces. When the D-FENZ Surface Protectant liquid dries, a barrier is bonded to target surfaces, remaining locked in place until removed with abrasion. While virtually ‘invisible’ to the naked eye, D-FENZ Surface Protectant barriers can be seen and measured with the assistance of high-powered microscopy.


Composition analysis by third party laboratories have been conducted to confirm the barrier’s safety, its physical nature, and its mechanical mode of action.